DIY’s don’t have to be BIG to make a BIG impact!

Laundry room DIY

One of my favorite DIY’s to date were the ones where wallpaper was added to my home. This faux subway tile peel and stick wallpaper and 1×4 shelf I added to my laundry room brought me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment during all those months of quarantining. To have “Done It Yourself”  made my heart so happy because my cute hubby didn’t even have to help me.

When I started this project we had recently remodeled our home, but I found the laundry room to be plain with little to no character.  This subway tile wallpaper was just the thing this room needed to change it from dark and dull to light and full of fun. Adding a simple 1×4 piece of wood that I stained (by myself) and hung on the wall with brackets (also by myself) was pivotal in adding character with the addition of signs and greenery. Also incorporating some final touches like this washable runner from Boutique rugs, cute woven laundry basket and Stool from the  Hearth and Hand Collection made it finally feel like a place I wanted to spend time folding laundry in.

Hallway Wallpaper DIY

Like I said above, In April 2019 we did some remodeling to our home of almost 20 years.We added new carpet, LVP floors, and paint to the whole house along with several feature walls. To this hallway we decided to add board and batten, but as fresh and clean as it made this space look, I still felt it needed something more. Looking online one day I found this cute charcoal colored Olive Branch “spray and stick” wallpaper from the Magnolia Home line at Home Depot and knew it would be the perfect paper for this hallway. The thought of wallpaper hadn’t even crossed my mind since I was a kid in the 80’s but I was looking for yet another project to keep me busy during the dreaded Covid Quarantine and decided it probably wouldn’t really be that hard…fingers crossed.

I set out to find the right tools to get the job done and went to work. It was a very small area with only a quarter of one wall to paper. It proved to be fairly easy and only took the better part of an afternoon to complete. Once again, I felt empowered and more confident in doing some of the other DIY’s that had been on my list for quite some time.  The best part of this DIY was that I loved the way it turned out. The final touch was changing out the old “boob” lights for some more modern lights and another project was complete.

Now everytime I look at these projects it gives me a sense of pride that I was the one that “Did This!” I was the one with the vision and I was also the one that brought that vision to life. Do you have a project in your life that you’ve completed to make you feel this very same way? Now I, in no way, profess to be a DIY’er but it just goes to show that DIY’s don’t have to be BIG to make a BIG statement!

If you’ve been putting off a project that you’ve been thinking about because of self doubt, I’m challenging you to “Just Do It!” If I can do it, so can you! Just take a deep breath, be patient with yourself and go for it! I’ll be here cheering you on!

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