How to Freshen up your tired looking porch for Spring

Oh, I just love Spring! It’s a time for renewal, growth and beauty and I absolutely love all the spring flowers blooming, their scents floating in the breeze and birds singing. Who doesn’t love the warmer temperatures after a cold winter season?

One of my very favorite things to do each season is to decorate my porch. It is the first impression your guests see when they visit your home, so I always want mine to be welcoming. Spring is my favorite time to style my porch after it looks so sad and tired from the harsh winter months in Utah. I’m always ready for the change along with promises of sunshine and flowers.

First, I like to see what decor I already have from the previous year. I’m always surprised that I can find all I need by shopping my home with the exception of a few new details each season.

One thing that is always a constant on my porch is this rustic little bench seat that I absolutely love to adorn with seasonal throws and pillows. This year I bought these cute plaid and bunny pillows from Target and I love the cute spring colors they add. I also love adding this coffee filter wreath that I hang on my front door. My mom and sisters gifted it to me from a local shop called Knot and Spool for my birthday last year. I’m truly obsessed with it to say the least. The best part about this wreath is that it’s so versatile and can be used year round. All I need to do to change it from season to season is to change the cute ribbons.

Some of the other things I like to add to my porch decor for spring are lanterns, banners, flags, fresh or faux greenery or fresh flowers (when weather permits), spring signs and layering rugs with door mats.
When I shared my spring porch with my Instagram page this year, you all went crazy for this adorable plaid layering rug from Target and “Oh Hello” outdoor mat from 12 Timbers. 12 Timbers always has the cutest mats and porch signs, just like this “Welcome to the Porch” sign pictured here.

My philosophy for porch decor is to keep your porch decor simple, yet welcoming. You don’t want your porch cluttered with so much stuff that your guests have a hard time reaching the front door for a visit. Also, always remember to shop what you have beforehand. You’ll be amazed at what you already have and how well it will all come together.

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