How to “Not be Afraid” to style a Tiered Tray

So many people have told me they love the look of a tiered tray but are intimidated when it comes to decorating them. I want to give you some tips and tricks so that you will no longer be intimidated by this process.

There are many different shapes and styles of tiered trays. Some are 2 tiered and some are 3, some are round and some rectangular, some are smaller and some are larger, some are metal and some are wood. Your goal is to find the right tray to match your style and the right size for your space. I have a fairly large island so I initially chose a 2 tiered tray but recently have upgraded to a three tiered tray from Hive and Home and I’m obsessed with the extra space. I love the look of woods and whites in my kitchen so I chose wood ones.

Once you’ve chosen your size and style of tray, it’s time to choose the decor you add on it. The easiest way I’ve found to handle this process is to determine a theme for your tray. This makes it easy to choose your decor. Another tip I like to use is to decorate with the triangle method, which means you style your tray with colors or similar items in a triangular pattern like this next photo.

Seasonal or holiday decor is always an easy theme to start with when choosing decor for your trays. Try to find decor that will fit your tray and are not over sized and don’t overthink it. I say if you like something, then add it to your tray. That’s all that matters.Never feel you have to fill the whole tray either. They say it’s good to see part of your tray showing through. Adding greenery picks, small plants or half orbs is always a great filler for a sparse looking tray.

Some of my favorite things to add to my tiered trays are: greenery, small signs (about 5×5″ in size), wood beads, bookstacks, tea towels, candles, gnomes, mini bowls filled with candy or mugs filled with straws that coordinate with my tray theme.

Here’s a look at some of my tiered trays from this last year. I hope I’ve made the process of decorating a tiered tray less intimidating if a tiered tray is something you’re interested in adding to your home decor style. It really can be so much fun! I challenge you to try it today!

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