I Can’t Believe This is Happening!

I really can’t believe that this is happening…I’m finally launching a blog after years in the making! This whole business of home decor has really been a journey that started when I was a little girl. My love for home and seasonal decorating came from my sweet momma, who always knew how to make every holiday & celebration a special one. I remember she was always moving our furniture around to make the space feel new and refreshed. She strived to make our home feel warm and welcoming even when times were hard. She made the holidays magical because of her attention to detail. Celebrations were perfect with her sincere notes of love, decorating and the most thoughtful gifts every time.

The best part about all of this…

I can’t believe that I get to share my love of all these things with you! I have always decorated for the holidays, planned celebrations, and hosted gatherings and now I’ve found my creative outlet to share them and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I remember my very first visions of creating a warm home started with a “Hope Chest” I received for my 16th birthday from my parents. It was full with items my sweet mom thought I might need in the future. It was a “Hope” of mine that it would someday be used when I became married.  She had filled it with new dishes and silverware, kitchen items and utensils, family recipes, and cookbooks which led me to remember what I’d been dreaming about since I was a little girl and that was the dream of being a wife and mother.

Over the years it has been one of my greatest joys as I’ve created a place of safety, love, comfort and memorable experiences for my own family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the small look into who I am, what I love and the history of why it’s so meaningful to me. I wish you’ll continue to follow along because I have many more exciting things to share with you! Are you ready to join me on this journey? Let’s do it together! I’d love to get to know more about what you love when it comes to home and seasonal decor. Let’s inspire one another and do what we never thought we were capable of!




House on Louise Meadow Blog Launch
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